Probiotic Video Game on Horizon

Defeat the bad guys, fight to the death, save the… digestive system?

It’s hard to believe, but it’s coming… the world’s first probiotic video game is to be released summer 2012. In conjunction with the launch of Microwarriors probiotic & prebiotic documentary Part 2, the game is targeted mainly to children and students.

Created for both PCs and Macs, the video game will also be accessible on iPhones.

David Knight – of Health Point Productions – is the producer of Microwarriors documentaries and the upcoming video game. His goal is to educate not only children but also medical staff and the general public on the benefits of probiotics and prebiotics.

Check out the first segment of the “Microwarriors: The Power of Probiotics” DVD, available on Amazon. Let us know what you think by commenting below.


Go with your gut,

Probulin Team


Full article available at Nutra Ingredients.


One thought on “Probiotic Video Game on Horizon

  1. Hi Probulin Team,

    Thank you for mentioning our new Probiotic Video Game and new Probotic Documentary, Microwarriors Part 2.

    I really like your heading! Save the Digestive System! To tell you the truth, we have several ideas in the works on how Probiotics will help restore/balance and support the GI Tract but nothing has been finalized yet. Maybe we should use your idea. In fact, here’s a thought–In order to save the Digestive System you need to boost up by taking Probulin–Probulin could be the Special Forces Unit that has to “go in” to save the Host from certain death!

    I’d be very interested in chatting with someone in your office–

    Please feel free to email/contact me when you have a moment.

    David Knight
    Executive Producer
    Health Point Productions

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