What are probiotics anyway?

Probiotics are good bacteria. With all the antibacterial stuff around these days – from soaps to hand lotions to shoe liners – it’s easy to think all bacteria are bad. But good bacteria help our bodies stay healthy (that’s particularly true of the bacteria in our gut, called the gut flora).

If the good bacteria in your body gets out of whack, you can become sick. That’s why it’s helpful to eat foods high in probiotics and also take probiotic supplements. Probulin puts good bacteria in your system, balancing the bad bacteria and helping to maintain your gut health.

Gut flora play a key role:

  • In nutrition by synthesizing vitamins, producing digestive enzymes and helping with absorption of nutrients like calcium, magnesium and iron.
  • In gut health by maintaining the integrity of the lining of your colon and provide a major source of energy by converting unabsorbed sugars into short-chain fatty acids that provide energy for the epithelial cells to regenerate themselves.
  • In supporting the immune system. The metabolic activity generated by these bacteria is equal to that of a virtual organ, leading to gut bacteria being referred to as the “forgotten organ.”

Does it bother you to think of all that bacteria swimming through your body? It helps to keep in mind that many are good guys (can you picture them wearing white hats?) working to keep you feeling good!

Go with  your gut,

The Probiotic Team


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