Probiotics: Keeping Your Kids Healthy

If you measured the amount of snot in the average daycare . . . well, let’s just say no one in their right mind would even try. But put a pack of little kids together, and those germs just fly around. Ugh.

But probiotics hold hope for keeping your little ones healthier. A study in August 2009 Pediatrics highlighted an investigation with children ages 3 to 5 attending daycare. The children were split into three groups: one group took a Lactobacillus probiotic twice a days; the second group took Lactobacillus plus Bifidobacterium twice a day; and the final group took a placebo. And, wow! Look what they found:

Incidence of fever was reduced 63% in the Lacto/Bifido group; 48% in the Lacto group.

Cough was reduced by 54% in the Lacto/Bifido group; 42% in the Lacto group.

Runny noses were reduced by 44% in the Lacto/Bifido group; 9% in the Lacto group.

Antibiotic use was reduced by 80% in the Lacto/Bifido group; 68% in the Lacto group.

The results of some studies are a little wishy-washy. Not this one. The researchers concluded the probiotics “significantly reduced the incidence and duration of respiratory tract infection symptoms in children.”

For more information, check out PEDIATRICS: Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

I don’t know about you — but the less snot in my house the better. . . I’m stocking up on probiotics.

Go with your gut,

The Probulin Team


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