Homemade Yogurt: An Easy and Delicious Way to Get Probiotics

Even the most kitchen-challenged cook will find making their own yogurt a snap – and what a great way to put more probiotics into your diet. With homemade yogurt, you’ll know you have live cultures of bacteria in your food, and you’ll know exactly what ingredients you’re eating.

Dr. Shekhar Challa, author of Probiotics for Dummies (special edition eBook available at Probulin.com) and his family eat homemade yogurt every day as part of their diet. It’s a pretty common thing for Indian families to make their own, he says. He offers this easy recipe for you to try:

      1. Bring milk to a boil – just to the point where it begins to froth, on the stovetop or in the microwave. The amount of milk you use will determine the amount of yogurt you’ll end up with. Dr. Challa suggests a half gallon.
      2. Cool until lukewarm and add 1 teaspoon of yogurt containing live bacteria. You can buy yogurt with live cultures in the store, use a yogurt culture starter, or borrow a starter from another family who makes yogurt.
      3. Mix the culture into the milk, then cover and let stand somewhere warm. Dr. Challa’s family leaves it sitting in the microwave, which seems to retain enough heat that it works just fine.
      4. Imagine piling some fresh berries onto your very own yogurt every day!

One word of caution: homemade yogurt is different than what you buy in the store. (Please refrain from saying, “Duh!”) It has a different texture and flavor. There are hundreds of recipes and different things you can do to change the yogurt, so put “homemade yogurt” in Google, and head for the kitchen. Be sure to let us know what recipe you like and how it turns out!

Go with your gut,

The Probulin Team


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