Guess what – probiotics are good for your breath too!

The more we read about probiotics, the more we’re tempted to call them the “general, all-purpose help out your body and make your life better” bacteria! It’s exciting to see the beneficial bacteria in probiotics getting a lot of attention in the medical world and then we find out all these good things.

In Spain, a recent study found that probiotics can help oral health, fighting off gingivitis, bad breath and the development of cavities. These findings were reported in the Archives of Oral Biology Journal, and a dentist (not in the study) even said they’ve seen that probiotics applied directly to the gums help fight gum disease.
Our ProfreshMints product is a great way to make sure the probiotics are affecting your oral health, and also your gut, where they do tons of good. With multiple strains of bacteria, this gum is designed to make you feel better!

What a nice thing to do for yourself – and all the people who have to smell your breath! 🙂

Go with your gut,

The Probulin Team


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