The Most Popular New Year’s Resolution (and the Hardest!!): Losing Weight

With 2012 underway, most of us are charging into the New Year with new ambitions. Of course, one of the more common goals we set for ourselves: lose the love handles. Research shows there may be a link between probiotics and reaching that healthier weight.

In a controlled study in 2010, Lactobacillus gasseri SBT2055 was found to have contributed to Body Mass Index reduction— including that hard-to-lose fat around the middle. (BMI is a calculation that takes into account a person’s body fat, height and weight.) You can check out this study HERE.

The microbial population in an obese individual’s gut is different than in a thin one,  according to Dr. Jeffery Gordon at the University of Washington. Once an overweight person reaches a healthier BMI, his or her gut flora composition shifts to that of a thin person.

Prebiotics – remember, these are the foods that help probiotics work better –  may also play a role in weight management through modulating hormones. There’s a rather challenging read for those without medical degrees HERE that examines how prebiotics and probiotics may help with weight control.

Adding prebiotics and probiotics, like Probulin, to your daily routine may help you achieve greater success in reaching your weight management goals. Here’s to 2012 and achieving all your resolutions!

Go with your gut,

The Probulin Team


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