Face the World with Probiotics

It’s like Mom use to say: True beauty comes from within. And guess what! What lives in our guts may show in our faces. Some research suggests that an imbalance in gut flora can be linked to the production of blemishes. The toxins from bad bacteria actually seem to promote breakouts.

Traditional treatments, such as antibiotics, kill off the good as well as bad bacteria, further throwing your system’s balance out of whack. A steady regimen of Probulin may help to maintain a healthy ratio of good bacteria and reduce breakouts. In fact, this was first written about in the 1960s when Dr. R.H. Siver was doing a study with patients with gastrointestinal problems and treating them with probiotics. He noticed one side effect was that their skin cleared up… So while there’s not a lot of definitive research, it’s hard to ignore the connection between what bacteria is doing in your gut and your skin health!

When it’s time to let your inner beauty shine out, research sure is suggesting that probiotics may be valuable in helping you put your best face forward.

Go with your gut,

The Probulin Team


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