It’s not that I don’t WANT to take my Probulin – I just forget!

Getting in the habit of taking medicine every day is tough. My Probulin, vitamins and a few other meds sit in their containers on the counter, taunting me with all the times I just plain rush out the door and forget them.

Here are some hints for setting yourself up to succeed in taking your daily probiotics:

  • Create a routine. Take your medicine and supplements at the same time every day, and if possible, connect it to an event (such as brushing your teeth, drinking your morning coffee, etc.).
  • Set an alarm clock, timer or your watch alarm to remind yourself it’s time to take medicines. (I do this with one dose that happens in mid-afternoon that I could never remember!)
  • Set up a pill box with all your meds in it. Seeing this pillbox on the counter (assuming no children are around) is a good reminder to take your medicine. And, if you’re like me, sometimes I look at my medicine and think, “Did I take that this morning?” Now, you’ll know for sure.
  • If you really have problems remembering to take your meds, ask your doctor if you can simplify the process. For instance, my doctor gave me a once-daily antibiotic because he knew that I struggled to get all three down when he gave me a different pill. (This doesn’t really work for your probiotics. . . )
  • Put a reminder note somewhere prominent. I’ve been known to stick a note on the front door, in HUGE PRINT, to remind myself of things.

And as a side note, don’t forget to tell your doctor all the medicines that you take, including over-the-counter medicines and supplements (including your Probulin).

Go with your gut,

The Probulin Team


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