Probiotics Keep You Healthy!

It’s that time of year when you feel as if someone around you is always sick. From snot-dripping co-workers to vomiting kids to coughs that sound like you’re surrounded by seals. Thankfully, probiotics are well-studied for their immune properties and and you’ll certainly be glad of that right now.

And employers, take heart! Studies have shown that people miss less time from work when they’re taking probiotics (one of our earlier blogs highlighted a study that showed the same thing in a daycare setting). A 2005 study in Sweden looked at 181 adults to see if taking probiotics could reduce workplace absences. With a test and placebo group (in other words, the participants didn’t know if they were getting probiotics or a substitute), the study found that workers taking L. reuteri probiotics had fewer absenteeisms (10.6% number of workers absent versus 26.4% in the placebo group) and a lower frequency of sick days.

Now if that doesn’t make you sit up and throw away the Kleenex, I don’t know what will!

Go with your gut,

Probulin Team


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