Probiotics in Everyday Items

You wouldn’t believe the places probiotics are showing up these days! As consumers catch on to the exciting health benefits these little guys give us, manufacturers are rising up to the new demand.

From suppositories and enemas to facial cleansers (such as Clinique’s Probiotic Cleanser) and pet products, beneficial probiotics are cropping up in all kinds of everyday goods you’re already using. Even sun block lotions and drinking straws are made with probiotics these days.

In 2003, a Swedish biotech company, Ellen AB, began selling probiotic tampons in 2003 with natural fibers treated with lactic acid bacteria. They have been shown to decrease yeast and urinary tract infections in women (replacing the longtime household remedy of dipping a tampon in yogurt).

Other products with probiotics include:

✓ Gum/mint for oral and teeth health (

✓ Face creams (such as Epicuren acidophilus probioticcream)

✓ Soaps (Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic Kampuku soap)

✓ Makeup (Clinique SPF 15)

✓ Anti-aging serums (Bioelements)

✓ Skin brighteners (Miessence)

When it comes to probiotics: the more the merrier.  Getting as many as you can from food to hygiene products and supplements like Probulin, ensures a better chance that the good bacteria you need gives you the health benefits you’re looking for.

Go with your gut,

The Probulin Team


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