Probiotics May Benefit Athletes

Everyone is active on some level, but no everyone rides hundreds of miles on a bicycle, sprints 400 meters in just seconds, or can do triple 360’s on the double bars… did I mention on a daily basis. As the Olympic Games opening night is a week away, the world’s attention shifts to the elites who train for years to compete with the best athletes around the globe.

While you’ve probably heard some of the controversies on banned foods and substances for the pre-team athletes, studies are showing probiotics – the good bacteria in your gut – may actually boost an athletes immune system.

Two studies were presented at the International Probiotic Association’s World Congress. Participants in the studies were asked to take 3 probiotic capsules each day for three weeks. At the end of that period, the athletes involved in the study showed an 8.4 percent increase in hemoglobin levels plus a 30 percent increase in VO2 (oxygen consumption). Both of these factors are used to test and record an athletes physical abilities.

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The next time you lace up your tennis shoes (or cleats), consider grabbing your probiotics too. For improved physical performance, it looks like probiotics may not be a bad idea.

Go with you gut (& good luck athletes!),

Probulin Team

NOTE: This post is not suggesting any Olympic athletes do or do not take probiotic supplements. The research mentioned above is not in conjunction with any Olympic Games proceedings.