Probiotics For Eczema

According to Dr. Shekhar Challa’s book Probiotics For Dummies eczema is the first sign of allergy in the early days of life and is attributed to the immune system’s delayed development. Eczema causes the skin to become swollen, irritated and itchy. This common inflammatory skin disorder in early childhood sometimes continues into adult life.

Probiotics have been successfully used in treatment of eczema. Bacteria studied include Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli. Research studies indicate that if a pregnant woman with eczema takes probiotics during pregnancy, and the newborn is also given probiotics for several months, there is a decreased chance the baby will get eczema.

A study from New Zealand studies the same issue. Mothers continued taking probiotic supplements for up to six months (if they were breastfeeding), while their infants received the supplementation from birth to age two.

The study was a follow-up to a previous one which helped reduce the occurrence of eczema symptoms in children by almost 50 percent when they took the probiotics up to two years of age. The international journal Clinical and Experimental Allergy has shown that this reduction in symptoms continues through four years of age, even though the children stopped taking the probiotic at two years of age.

“Eczema affects millions of children worldwide, with around half the cases being diagnosed before one-year of age,” said Dr. James Dekker, Fonterra Nutrition Senior Research Scientist. “This study adds support to the theory that the placement of beneficial bacterial cultures in the diet, through probiotics, may allow more control over infant conditions such as eczema even after supplementation has ceased,” he says.

Probiotics are successfully helping those with eczema and research on the same subject will continue.

The Probulin Team


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