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We love making our customers lives better & we wanted to share with you some testimonials we have from real patients of Dr. Challa.

I’ve noticed immediate results since I have been taking Probulin for IBS. I’ve tried other products and nothing worked for me. I don’t feel as gassy or bloated anymore.– Ann, age 57

“Your form of probiotic, Probulin, has done tremendous things for me. I went from either having constipation for days to having diarrhea for days. My stomach is no longer bloated and I do not feel sick when I do eat. The biggest reason I know Probulin works for me is because my first bottle ran out, so I had to go one day without, and I got sick. I had very bad diarrhea, also I felt like my stomach was going to burst. As soon as I started your Probulin I instantly got better: no more gas, diarrhea, constipation, cramps, and nausea.” – Megan, age 16

“Before Probulin, I only had a BM once a week. I have been taking Probulin since the middle of June and it has been great. It keeps me extremely regular. Thank you so much.” – Sherri, age 41

“Probulin has reduced the tightness and swelling in my stomach, as well as regulating bowels, so that now I can go out to eat with my friends again. It has balanced my system all-together. I am now taking Probulin regularly.” – Joyce, age 79

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Ask Your Doctors Why They Aren’t Giving Probiotics With Antibiotics

It’s not uncommon to get diarrhea after taking antibiotics. Most of the time it resolves by itself.

Antibiotics tend to decrease or “wipe out” the good bacteria in your gut allowing the bad bacteria which normally are present in small quantities to proliferate. One such bad bacteria is Clostridium difficile, commonly called C.Diff. Symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, fever, and bloating. Occasionally the illness is severe enough that it may cause hospitalization and even death.


According to Dr. Shekhar Challa, author of Probiotics for Dummies, the incidence of C.Diff is increasing in epidemic proportion over the last decade and so have deaths associated with this deadly disease. In fact it is estimated that 15,000 to 30,000 people die of C.Diff each year in the U.S.

Recently researchers reviewed 20 published randomized trials to see if giving probiotics while on antibiotics decreases the number of patients getting C.Diff and there is clear cut evidence that giving probiotics with antibiotics (for any reason) decreases the incidence of C.Diff in adults and children with no risk of side effects.

In spite of adequate evidence only a few doctors are prescribing probiotics with antibiotics-So the next time you are put on antibiotics for any reason make sure you ask your doctor about probiotics.

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