Probiotic Potential in the Brain!

Here at Probulin, we’re getting to be experts on all the research in the probiotics world. We’re always careful to tell you when the research is in initial stages, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t excited about all the potential!

Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that probiotic bacteria have the potential to alter the brain’s fatty acids composition. The research, being done in Ireland, was performed on mice and found that bacteria in the gut microbiota influence the brain.

Mice given particular probiotics had increased levels of ARA and DHA, two fatty acids that play important roles in the brain.

We’re not telling you this research will have an immediate impact on probiotic products. But it’s just another sign of how getting a deeper understanding of the bacteria in our bodies may really change the way we treat diseases and stay healthy.

 It’s exciting!

Go with your Gut,

The Probulin Team


The Brain-Gut Connection

A terrific article in Scientific American recently highlighted the strong connection scientists are finding between the bacteria in your gut and brain development. What they’re discovering is that varying problems with gut flora can cause brain and neurological issues. They’re even finding connections between what bacteria are in your gut and autoimmune issues.

The article said, “In autism and other pervasive developmental disorders, there are reports that the specific bacterial species present in the gust are altered and that gastrointestinal problems exacerbate behavioral symptoms. A newly developed biochemical test for autism is based, in part, upon the end products of bacterial metabolism.”

It’s exciting to see the advances being made as we begin to understand how the bacteria in our body affects us. Be sure to check out the entire article at Scientific American!

Go with your gut,

The Probulin Team