Probiotics & Prebiotics: Not Just for Us Humans

No, we’re not talking an alien invasion. We’re actually talking about using probiotics to help the animal industry. In recent years, there’s been considerable concern about the food animal producers using antibiotics. Remember, when we use too many antibiotics, people start to get resistant to them and new strains of bacteria are born that are antibiotic-resistant. (The one you’ll recognize is MRSA because it’s gotten a lot of attention in the media.)

The food animal industries have been looking at options to reduce the use of antibiotics, and probiotics and prebiotics are options, according to an article at The article says the poultry industry is “embracing” probiotics for pathogen prevention, but lots more studies are looking at using probiotics and prebiotics to reduce the use of antibiotics.

If you’ve got one of those science-y heads, you can read another article from Medwell Journals that’s pretty complex about how probiotics are being investigated for use with many animals (not just those chickens!) HERE. It talks about how some studies have shown that:

  • Probiotics feed intake and daily weight gain in chickens, horses, pigs, sheep, goats and cattle.
  • Cows fed probiotics saw higher milk yields, and increased fats and proteins.
  • Rabbits fed probiotics had reduced morbidity and mortality rates during their fattening periods.

There are lots more studies listed in this article – but it’s all a good sign for how society is starting to recognize the potential of good bacteria to make positive changes.


Go with your gut,

The Probulin Team