Probulin 15 day supply (45 count)

Probulin 15 day supply (45 count)

We now have Probulin in a 15 day supply. This is a perfect bottle to take with you when you’re traveling, to keep in your purse, or to set on your desk at work as a reminder to take your daily probiotics. Call 888.697.8770 to order & receive a FREE Probiotics For Dummies Special Edition book written by Dr. Shekhar Challa.


Makin’ It Through the Gut

One of the challenges of creating a probiotic like Probulin that we want to be effective and the best possible supplement to help our customers – that’s you! – is making sure the bacteria stays alive until it gets where it needs to go: your intestines.

Your stomach acids are pretty tough and darned good at tearing up whatever is put in there, whether it arrives in food or in a health supplement. (Unless you were one of those kids who ate pennies, and those probably passed right on through!) The highest quality probiotics are tested in a “simulated acid environment” to make sure the capsule survives the challenging stomach environment.

Probulin uses special gastric bypass technology, designed especially for us, to make sure most of the bacteria run the gamut of your stomach acid and are able to go to work in your intestines. This proprietary process minimizes the loss of bacteria to the harsh stomach acid; the probiotics are not released until after the capsule leaves the stomach.

That means those good bacteria get where they’re intended to go – and they can do the most good for you there!

Go with Your Gut,

The Probulin Team

It’s not that I don’t WANT to take my Probulin – I just forget!

Getting in the habit of taking medicine every day is tough. My Probulin, vitamins and a few other meds sit in their containers on the counter, taunting me with all the times I just plain rush out the door and forget them.

Here are some hints for setting yourself up to succeed in taking your daily probiotics:

  • Create a routine. Take your medicine and supplements at the same time every day, and if possible, connect it to an event (such as brushing your teeth, drinking your morning coffee, etc.).
  • Set an alarm clock, timer or your watch alarm to remind yourself it’s time to take medicines. (I do this with one dose that happens in mid-afternoon that I could never remember!)
  • Set up a pill box with all your meds in it. Seeing this pillbox on the counter (assuming no children are around) is a good reminder to take your medicine. And, if you’re like me, sometimes I look at my medicine and think, “Did I take that this morning?” Now, you’ll know for sure.
  • If you really have problems remembering to take your meds, ask your doctor if you can simplify the process. For instance, my doctor gave me a once-daily antibiotic because he knew that I struggled to get all three down when he gave me a different pill. (This doesn’t really work for your probiotics. . . )
  • Put a reminder note somewhere prominent. I’ve been known to stick a note on the front door, in HUGE PRINT, to remind myself of things.

And as a side note, don’t forget to tell your doctor all the medicines that you take, including over-the-counter medicines and supplements (including your Probulin).

Go with your gut,

The Probulin Team

Boning up on Prebiotics

Research studies show that prebiotics can increase your calcium absorption and help with bone minieralization. That’s an issue of primary concern as you age, in particular!

One young adult study found that after a year of taking a prebiotic (specifically an inulin-like fructans), the young adults taking the supplement had greater whole-body bone mineral content and density than the control group that didn’t get fructans.

Other studies have replicated that one, finding “increasing evidence that the colon can absorb nutritionally significant amounts of calcium, and this process may be susceptible to dietary manipulation by fermentable substrates, especially inulin-type fructans.” Whew – that a mouthful, and what it means is that by taking a prebiotic like inulin, you’ll absorb calcium better, which helps your bones! Some of the studies focused on older women, finding positive effects from prebiotics there as well!

Protect your bones with prebiotics and probiotics!

Go with your gut,

The Probulin Team