Boning up on Prebiotics

Research studies show that prebiotics can increase your calcium absorption and help with bone minieralization. That’s an issue of primary concern as you age, in particular!

One young adult study found that after a year of taking a prebiotic (specifically an inulin-like fructans), the young adults taking the supplement had greater whole-body bone mineral content and density than the control group that didn’t get fructans.

Other studies have replicated that one, finding “increasing evidence that the colon can absorb nutritionally significant amounts of calcium, and this process may be susceptible to dietary manipulation by fermentable substrates, especially inulin-type fructans.” Whew – that a mouthful, and what it means is that by taking a prebiotic like inulin, you’ll absorb calcium better, which helps your bones! Some of the studies focused on older women, finding positive effects from prebiotics there as well!

Protect your bones with prebiotics and probiotics!

Go with your gut,

The Probulin Team